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P*rno Kit
P*rno Kit
P*rno Kit

P*rno Kit

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Kit Includes:
– 9 Temporary Tattoos and Thigh-High Stockings!
Follow the photos on the box, and place the temporary tattoos on your lover’s body exactly where Bonnie’s are. Then, put her in a pair of thigh-high stockings and the transformation into bad-ass Bonnie has begun!

– Real Feel Penis Extension!
Next, slide your cock inside the Real Feel Penis Extension and you’ll be hung like a real porno stud! Bonnie loves a big, thick cock and your partner will too with this incredible Fanta Flesh extension. With your thicker, longer dick, you’ll perform like a pro and give your girl the fuck of her life!

– Bonnie Rotten’s Deep Throat Spray!
Wish your woman could deep throat like Bonnie does? Spray a few shots of Bonnie’s own Deep Throat Spray oral desensitizer in the back of her throat and she’ll be taking every inch of your man meat like a champ! No more gagging or choking–just deep throating pleasure both of you will enjoy!

– Bonnie Rotten’s “Spit Lube” Water-Based Lubricant!
Like all great porn stars, Bonnie knows how to use her own saliva as a lubricant. But you don’t have to waste your own spit–we’ve developed Bonnie’s Spit Lube, a super slippery water-based lubricant perfect for easing penetration. Bonnie’s Spit Lube is great for handjobs, blowjobs, solo stroking sessions and ultra wet and wild pussy poundings!

– Bonnie Rotten’s Ass Lube!
Bonnie loves ass sex, and now your lover will too with Bonnie’s specially formulated Ass Lube. This non-staining water-based lube is perfect for friction-free anal sex and won’t get sticky or dry up. Ease into comfort and make ass fucking more enjoyable with this long-lasting personal lubricant.

– Fantasy Love Mask & Cat O’ Nine Tails!
Don’t forget to blindfold your partner with the Fantasy Love Mask and give them a good spanking with the Cat O’ Nine tails. Everything you need to make your own Bonnie Rotten fantasy flick is included in this kit!